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my name is Stephanie Etuata-Taylor. I currently work as a graphic designer, web designer + photographer.  

I am definitely the type of designer and photographer that pays attention to details. I have experience and a fresh outlook in Graphic Design, Front End Web Design and Photography. Also including streetwear clothing design. I have experience in studio, product photography, portrait photography and commercial photography.  I'm quite e a mixed bag, but a good one I promise. 

I am based in Wellington NZ with my family,  but have had many projects from all around New Zealand but also the Pacific as well. Being of Niuean descent - it's awesome when I get projects from the pacific or for the pacific community in New Zealand.  

I love my work and really enjoy each new project as I get it. Please feel free to contact me if you need help with a solution to any projects. I think I would be the right person to help you with your design problems and brief.

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